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Furniture mirror table agathe

Console agathe mirror furniture – 6001

Specification :
Item Code# : Mg 006001

Size :

W 80cm x D 40cm x H 75cm

W 100cm x D 50cm x H 75cm

Mirrored furniture can be called a table AGATHE in Indonesia. You can fill an empty space in your room. If in combination with a venetian mirrors with large size will become more elegant to become your dressing table. The material Table agathe mirror  natural mirror 30% glass 5mm thick and mahogany wood 25%, 10% block board, accessories and other material is 35%. We accept other size and custom too. Also get other designs such as furniture mirror, mirror antiques, minimalist design of Venetian mirror, batik mirror, stained glass, beveled glass.



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