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Stained Glass

Stained glass for terrace house

Specification :
Item Code# : Mg 001023

Code: Mg 001023

Stained glass for terrace house is glass colors blend small in the series of panels and glue as an adhesive to form patterns or pictures. Glass united with traditional hand made and supported by a rigid frame. Made stained glass for windows, doors or separator room. Stained glass as an art or craft that need artistic skills to make it. In this context, the purpose of stained glass windows allow the people inside it to see the outside world or even primarily to admit light and art to display at the sight. Stained glass as well as wall decorations. For reservations we have no minimum order. Delivery can be by air or sea. Prices for stained glass are calculated per meter square. Get another glass art as well  venetian wall mirror with special crafted and color on this website. We also accept designs and different sizes.

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